Flora & Ceres was founded in 2004 by Andrea Beaumont. It was inspired by the colours and form of her local landscape and the Roman Goddesses Flora And Ceres.

Ceres was the Goddess of agriculture and productivity. Nurturing, serene and strong, she watched over ancient lands. Often in her company was Flora, Goddess of Flowers. Captivating, spirited and free, Flora inspired the renewal of each season.


Based in the provincial township of Ceres in the Barrabool Hills of Victoria, Flora & Ceres is committed to timeless, quality products that represent the decorative expression of Flora and the functional simplicity of Ceres.


Since that first collection, the Flora & Ceres range has continued to expand, featuring new and varied products reflecting the philosophy of Flora & Ceres. Each item is selected with with an eye for functional beauty and classic design and every season we will bring you wonderful new designs.


Flora & Ceres

P.O Box 8074, Newtown, Victoria, 3220

03 52491214